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Real Men Don't Need Tools !!

- Where would a man be without his tools? We need them more to just look good rather than actually knowing what to do with them. Regardless, you need tools to work on a PC. Most of the time you really only need a Phillips Screwdriver but here is a list that will make your life easier when building a PC.

-As a note don't use magnetic based tools, this can harm some more sensitive parts in the PC. Its very tempting but go without it. Most if not all of these parts can be purchased at any decent computer store.

  • Screwdrivers, mainly have an assortment of Phillips Headed Screwdrivers. You wont find much use for the flat head but you never know when it may come in handy.

  • Needle-Nose Pliers, is real handy and you should consider a pair. I have found that using them to grab jumper caps can be really handy. If you have big fingers this can be a real plus. If not you can always use your wife's long finger nails to grab those small pieces.

  • Parts Retriever, again don't go with the magnetic one and look for the clawed end. This will go in and grad the lost screw or any part.

  • Diagonal Cutter, also known as Dikes, you will need this little guy from time to time for cutting those pesky cable ties. A pocket knife usually works just as well.

  • ESD Wrist Strap, you don't want to shock a 500.00 part do you? Make sure and get a grounding strap which is cheap enough. This along with the screwdriver is a must! For more information on ESD refer here.

  • Flashlight, this has to be one of the handier tools you can purchase when building a PC. Even in the day time and can get tough to see the insides of the PC.

  • Dental Mirror, this is very valuable especially after you have already assembled you PC. This will allow you to look into the PC without tearing it apart again.




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Getting Started

Component Shopping
Electrostatic Discharge


Build A PC

1. Preparing the Computer Case and Motherboard
2. Computer Processor and Computer Memory Installation
3. Install Motherboard Into Case
4. Installing Hard Drive, Installing CD-ROM and Floppy Disk
5. Installing Expansion Cards, Installing PCI Cards
6. Installing Computer Peripherals, Installing Monitor and Sound Cards
Double Check
First Boot
Load Windows


Extra Stuff

Installing Device Software



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