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Windows 95

Installation Steps

-Step 2-

-Choosing The Windows 95 Directory

-After Scandisk has reported no errors on your drive, the Windows 95 Setup routine will load the files needed to run the Setup Wizard which will guide you through the rest of the installation process.

-Immediately after executing, the Setup Wizard outlines the 3 major components of the installation: collecting information from you and your computer, installing the source files, and restarting your computer to finish setup.

-The first bit of information the Setup Wizard wants to know is where to install the Windows 95 files. By default, this is the C:\WINDOWS directory. If you choose the default directory, Windows 95 will be installed over your current Windows 3.1 setup.

-You can also choose to install to another directory. Doing so automatically sets your machine up for what is known as Dual Boot, preserving your old DOS and Windows 3.1x environment, and allowing you to choose the old operating system at boot time. If you choose this method of setting up Windows 95, your old Windows configuration is ignored, which means you may have to reinstall application software programs if you plan on running them under Windows 95, since Windows 95 will not use the information it has learned by looking at your original Windows configuration.

Hardware Requirements

Back Up

Step #1 - Scandisk Checks Your Hard Drive

Step #2 - Choosing The Windows 95 Directory

Step #3 - Checking For Available Disk Space

Step #4 - The "Get Connected" Dialog Box

Step #5 - The 'Setup Options' dialog box

Step #6 - "About" dialog box

Step #7 - The Hardware Detection Phase

Step #8 - Choosing The Components Of A Custom Install

Step #9 - The "Computer Settings" dialog box

Step #10 - Creating An Emergency Startup Disk

Step #11 - Installing The Source Files

Step #12 - Finalizing The Computer's Configuration

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